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That which gives light must endure burning
-Viktor Frankl
Compassion Fatigue
Not all heroes wear capes

Rescuers emerge in many communities and from various professions: animal care, healthcare, emergency, social services, just to name a few. Each are responders in the fight for the welfare, safety  & well-being of animals & people. Emotional and physical fatigue is a by-product of doing good work. Over time, the consequences of this dedication build-up and you may begin to struggle. Rescuer Therapy is here to help, to support you are you continue to support others.

Free services

to the animal care community (and beyond)


Rescuer Therapy offers you a chance to take a moment for self-care, so you can continue the important work you do, without cost to yourself or the animals or humans you serve. Originally started to serve the animal care community, Rescuer Therapy is pleased to have expanded its services anyone in need of support as they face the challenges of caring for others.

Rescuer Therapy

Long Beach, New York  11561


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